Week tickets

Week tickets are valid for all days of the EJC (22-30 of July). They include access to all EJC-areas, all events, the campsite, and a gala show ticket (as long as they’re available).

Tickets are sold in different phases. The first phase tickets will be available until 30th of April. Prices will go up from 1st of May. This is so we can estimate the number of people attending the EJC as accurately as possible. You’d help us enormously by booking your tickets as early as possible!


16+ under 16 under 9
March-April 140/130/120€* 75/65€* free
May 150/140€* 80/70€* free
June 170/160€* 90/80€* free
on site 800 PLN 400 PLN free


*Why there are different prices for the tickets in the same phase of pre-registration?

The regular price in the first phase is 130 euro (in the second – 140, in the third – 160).


You should know that the EJC is not a commercial event – it is organised voluntarily and has no big sponsors.  As you maybe know, some recent EJCs had financial problems.  We want to avoid this and encourage all of you to support this amazing event. If you can afford to pay more – choose the supporters ticket! Thank you! You are awesome!

On the other hand, we know that for some of you paying the full price of the EJC ticket is a big challenge. Therefore, we give you a little discount at the first phase. If you feel like you need it, you can choose the concession ticket.

Day tickets
Day tickets are valid from midnight (00:00 am) until noon (12:00 pm) on the following day. Day tickets include access to all EJC-areas, events, and camping. Day tickets do not include a ticket for the gala show. However, tickets for the gala show are sold separately. Day tickets are sold at one price – 40€; there is no discount.


Register for an awesome time at the European Juggling Convention 2017: