Unicycle has just one wheel but it makes You sooooo happy, balanced and not 2 tired! Take a uni with You or find one at the Convention and come to Unicycling Area!

During the whole EJC there will be a separate Unicyclist Area for Your fun and pleasure. Want to play some unihockey? Race with others? Jump on obstacles? You can do it everyday, as much as You want – all on Unicyclist Area at ECJ 2017!

Unicycle Competitions:

Trial: Thursday 27.07, 11:00  – Unicycle Area near Fire Space – Finish as many obstacles as possible within 2 hours and win the game!

High Jump: Thursday 27.07, 19:00 – Teatralny Square – defeat others and touch the sky while jumping on pallets.

Speed Trial: Friday 28.07, 13:00 – Teatralny Square – race with others and be the fastest!

Flatland/tricks battles: Friday 28.07, 14:30 – Teatralny Square – show Your skills, tricks and perform in front of a big audience and other unicyclists.