Diabolo Battle

Diabolo competition organised to determine who is the most exciting diabolist of the 2017 European Juggling Convention. Players compete one on one in an eliminatory tournament. In each battle, each player has two rounds of one minute time where he/she can do whatever they shan’t to impress the judges. 
Technique, creativity, cleanness, style, stage presence, battle spirit, everything counts! 
Many of the best players from the best countries from Asia come to participate due to the growing fame of this event. The worldwide level is getting insane! 
Any person from any level is welcome, feel free to sign up in the Info point. 
If you want to compete in the EJC diabolo battle you will need to pass the qualifications. In this round people are asked to make a single trick or combo. The judges will select the 16 players that go to the final. If time allows and it is needed, judges may ask the players to battle one on one to select the best player. 
Come to participate and/or watch. Everyone is welcome!

Qualification: 28.07, 17:00 (Special Stage Tent)