EJC is the biggest and most colorful event in the world of juggling, involving jugglers, amateurs – hobbyists, new circus and street artists. “European” is just a name – in fact, it is a global convention, because people from all over the world take part in it.

The first EJC was in 1978 (it didn’t have the official name at the time) and the number of participants was … 11! Nowadays, from 3 to 7 thousand people arrive at the European Juggling Convention. Moving around Europe, it is an annual, international meeting of old friends and… the opportunity to make new ones, but also to exchange techniques, tricks and ideas. There are many amateur and professional performances, which you will see during the Street Show, Open Stage, Renegade and Gala. Plus, thousands of workshops and juggling games and a colorful juggling parade, which changes thousands of people who participate in it, as well as the whole city!

EJC is an exceptional, magical world of active, creative, enthusiastic people who have a positive attitude to their personal development, fun and meeting new people. Age, profession, political views, religious beliefs or skin color don’t matter. This is the meeting beyond divisions whose aim is to enable people to have fun together, relax, develop and spend time productively.

EJC is all about people. Not only those who can juggle or want to learn how to juggle come to the event, but also those who don’t want to juggle but simply have fun and relax with interesting people in an interesting place, show their own talents or learn some new ones, get to know new people or simply experience something different. Those who come to EJC constitute a unique community of positively crazy people.